Groome Exhibit
John C. Groome was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 20th, 1862.
Groome, one of six children, was born into the wealthy family of Samuel William Groome and Nancy Andrew Connelly. He was privately tutored growing up and graduated from the Protestant Episcopal Academy of Philadelphia in 1878.

He was elected a member of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry in 1882 and was appointed Corporal in 1887, then Sergeant in 1889. Groome was finally appointed to Captain in 1896, and re-elected to that position again in 1901. His involvement in the Homestead Riots in 1892 and the Great Anthracite Coal Strike in 1902 gained him statewide recognition.


First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry
Each year, under Groome's administration, the first troop received the highest rating the National Guard Inspection of calvalry and often the entire division.

Finding success in his military career, he was also a successful businessman in the wine and banking industries.

Troop Officers at Mt. Gretna, PA (1898)

Groome's Artifact: uniform as shown in photo

(l-r) Lt. Browning, Capt. Groome, Lt. McFadden

Mt. Gretna was the mobilization site for the Troop as it prepared to deploy to Puerto Rico During the Spanish American War
Groome's Artifact:  Collar Ornaments


Agnes Price Roberts
In 1902, Groome opened his own wine and import business. Groome and Company, which he retained for 12 years.

In 1914, he helped form the banking firm, Goddard, Groome, Dayton and Company, where he served as vice president for six years.

On April 15, 1884,
Groome  married Agnes Price Roberts, and three children were born of their marriage.

In 1905, this able-bodied and sharp minded man,  added to his list of endeavors, First Superintendent of the Pennsylvania State Police. 

He received the first applications for the force in early 1905 and by the middle of August over 1,000 had come in for the 228 positions.

John C. Groome retired from the Pennsylvania State Police on February 28th, 1920 and died August 31st, 1939 at the age of 68.

February 22, 1905, Captain Groome and Troops escorted President Roosevelt to the Armory
John C. Groome's Original Appointment Document.(1905)