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A screensaver (or screen saver) is a computer program that blanks the screen or fills it with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use. Initially designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and plasma computer monitors (hence the name), Systems have a form of screensaver integrated. Most simply display a logo or image moving around the screen.

Screen-saver programs were designed to help avoid these effects by automatically changing the images on the screen during periods of user inactivity.

If the system detects inactivity lasting longer than the time specified in the control panel, check if the active program is a simple program (and not another screensaver)

The downloading of our screen savers are free for our visitors to use and quite simple to install.

Screensaver Download

1.  Create a folder on your "C" Drive
     called screensavers.

2.  Select one of the images you
     like and then click download.
     (If you would like to view the
     image larger, hover cursor over
     "+ view larger" below screensaver

3.  Click-on
[download] This will
     take you to a larger image.
     Just right click on image or click
     on download and the image
     normally be downloaded to your
     download folder, unless you set
     your settings in your browser to
     dowload files or images to
     a designated folder. If you right
     click on the large image then
     select "Save Image As" then
     download image to your folder
     you created named as
     In Windows 7 after right clicking
     on image choose install
     and then Windows will do it for

4.  When downloading more than
     one screensaver  make another
     folder and it give it a new name
     such as "screensaver2". You
     may download as many images
     you want but, create a new
     folder and a different name for
     each folder for each image you

   Protect your Monitor
   When hovering over 'view larger" hold cursor over image for serveral seconds until image shows
Centennial Logo
download screensaver

  Friends of

download screensaver

Bronze 2 Coin

download screensaver

Copper Coin Logo

download screensaver

Pewter Coin

download screensaver

Hores Rider Logo (Blue)

download screensaver

Horse Rider Bronze Logo

download screensaver

Horse Rider

download screensaver

  Memorial MC Ride Logo-1

download screensaver

Memorial MC Ride Logo-2

download screensaver

PSP Museum Patch-1

download screensaver

PSP Museum Patch-2

download screensaver

Screensaver Installation

Click on your Windows Version
to view istallation instructions
win 7 startbutton.png Windows XP


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