Thompson Submachine Gun Exhibit



     A 1954 Troop D-2, MontoursvilleRoad Check’

Combating Crime in the Commonwealth in the 1920s and 1930’s

The Thompson Submachine Gun was designed by General John T. Thompson, who was inspired by the trench warfare of World War I to develop a "one-man, hand -held machine gun", firing a rifle caliber round. 1921 Thompson's were first sold in small quantities to the U.S. Post Office (to protect the mail from a spate of robber- ies), followed by several police departments in the United States.

The Thompson achieved most of its early notoriety in the hands of Prohibition and Depression-era gangsters and in Hollywood films, most notably in the St Valentine's Day Massacre.  

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It was a common sight of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals.
The Thompson was also known as the "Tommy Gun", "Chopper", "Chicago Typewriter”, “The trench broom gun" and "Chicago Piano". The Thompson was favored by soldiers and civilians alike for its compactness, large .45 ACP bullet, and high volume of automatic fire
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