cadet training

“In Pottsville, the probationer is given daily schooling in the criminal, forestry, and game laws of the state, with daily mounted and dismounted drill, is taught the care of horses, and of arms and equipment, and is instructed in general in the duties of the police.” ca. 1910: Katherine Mayo, Justice to All, first published in 1917.
A History of Excellence in Training
Initially, newly enlisted Pennsylvania State Policemen, “probationers”, would turn to the commanding officer and senior men of the Troop for training in the skills they needed for police work. A more standardized and efficient method was needed and in 1910 Superintendent Groome designated Troop “C” Pottsville as a training center for all student recruits.  
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In May of 1921, Act 386 allowed for the first official State Police Training School to be established in Newville. Three years later it moved to better facilities in Hershey. From 1924 to 1959 the Hershey Training School molded student recruits into the finest Troopers in the nation. However, as the complement grew steadily, it became apparent that the needs of the Department were outgrowing the facilities on Cocoa Avenue.       Learn more

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