Corporal Ben F. McEvoy
Pennsylvania State Police

Training School at Mt. Gretna


Biographical Info
Age: 41
Years of Service: 13 years

Incident Details
Cause of Death:  Struck by a motor vehicle
Date of Incident:
September 18, 1923
Date of Death:
September 21, 1923

Ben F. McEvoy was born August 9, 1883, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Prior to his enlistment with the Constabulary, Corporal McEvoy served with Company K, 4th Regiment, Pennsylvania National Guard, from April 28, 1903, to June 5, 1910. He enlisted with the Constabulary on June 6, 1910, one day after concluding his Pennsylvania National Guard service. He was 5' 5" tall. Prior to enlistment, he was a tailor in Lancaster. He was promoted to Corporal on March 1, 1920, and transferred to the training school at Newville on August 1, 1921.

While on duty, he stopped his vehicle near Petersburg, Lancaster County, to render assistance to a stalled motorist, at 9:30 p.m., September 18, 1923. As he was walking along the roadway, he was struck by an approaching vehicle and was seriously injured. He was taken to Lancaster General Hospital, where he died September 21, 1923.

Corporal McEvoy was buried in Woodward Hill Cemetary, Lancaster, PA. He was survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Jane McEvoy of Lancaster, and was survived by two children, Martha and Luther Shea.

At 41, Corporal McEvoy had completed 13 years of Constabulary service, and was the Department's first motor vehicle/pedestrian fatality. At the time of his death, he was stationed at the training school located at Mt. Gretna.