Private Francis L. Haley
Pennsylvania State Police
Troop "E"


Biographical Info
Years of Service:
5 months

Incident Details
Cause of Death:  Gunshot
Date of Incident: October 14, 1924

Francis L. Haley was born July 23, 1899, at Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

He enlisted with the Constabulary on May 1, 1924, and was assigned to Troop E, Harrisburg.

On October 14, 1924, near the Graffenburg Inn, Adams County, Haley was shot and killed as he attempted to take Philip A. Hartman, a suspect in the Abbottstown State Bank holdup, into custody. He died at the scene.

Hartman was tried and found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to die in the electric chair. The sentence was carried out November 30, 1925, 13 months after Haley's murder. Hartman was the 155th person to die in the Pennsylvania electric chair. This form of execution replaced hanging in 1915.

Haley was buried in the St. Patrick's Church Cemetery, Pottsville. He was survived by his mother, Mrs. Ellen J. Haley, of Pottsville.

Haley, 25, had completed five months of Constabulary service.

In 1926, 2 years after the death of Private Haley, a silent movie was produced re-enacting the incident and the arrest of Philip Hartman.