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Leading the Way Since 1905

President Roosevelt
In 1902, the Great Anthracite Coal Strike threatened public safety in Pennsylvania. An organized force was needed to provide the service of protecting our citizens; hence the creation of the Department of State Police, the first organization of it's kind in the country and one after which many other police agencies were modeled.
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Etch your name in History... 
Only a few thousand citizens in the entire history of the state of Pennsylvania are eligible to be part of this monument, and you may be one of them!

The Wall will be made of black polished granite. Each brick will be 12” in length, 3” in height and able to be clearly read from a distance of 6’. The bricks will be engraved with the individual’s Name and Date of Enlistment/Date of Hire.

$350.00 is the minimum contribution to purchases brick, including granite mining, cutting, polishing, custom engraving, and the brick masons setting brick into place in the Wall. The balance supports operations and building fund.

This particular item is for Pennsylvania State Police active duty, retired, or deceased personnel only.

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