Ranks, insignia, and descriptions

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US-O6 insignia.svg

Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police
Lieutenant Colonel

US-O5 insignia.svg

Second in Command of the Pennsylvania State Police.

US-O4 insignia.svg

Commander of an Area, such as Area III, encompassing several Troops.

US-O3 insignia.svg

Troop Commander, such as Troop B, encompassing several Stations.
Lieutenant US-O2 insignia.svg Station Commander, such as Station 1 (located in Troop B of Area III)
Sergeant PSP - Sergeant.jpg Station Commander, Supervisor of a unit, section, or specialty position.

  PSP - Corporal.jpg

Supervisor of Troopers, oversee the patrol's daily calls for service.
Trooper First Class

PSP - Trooper 1C.jpg

This is a longevity promotion for Troopers with 12 years of service.


Upon graduation from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy, cadets are promoted to the rank of Trooper.
State Police Cadet


A Commonwealth employee who is enrolled in but has not yet graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.