2002 Uniform

Winter Uniform

The current issued winter uniform is a long sleeve gray shirt. Name I.D. plate is positioned  centered above right shirt pocket.
The holster belt is worn over trouser belt. Four belt keepers secure the belts together. Department issued items on the holster belt include pistol and holster, magazines and pouch, expandable baton and case, handcuffs and case, pepper spray mace and pouch, and portable radio and carrier.

Winter trousers for non- commissioned members have a black stripe running along outside leg .

A felt campaign hat with leather band and chin strap are also worn with the winter uniform hat.
Current member's uniform patch, shown above, was adopted in 1988
Commissioner's significant operation Service Award and...

Department Safe Driver Award Ribbons are displayed beside each other above the left shirt pocket.
The above issued badge is not displayed on the uniform but carried in a badge and photo I.D. wallet by the member.
Fabric chevrons are used on the shirt sleeves. The adjacent insignia signifies corporal rank.