Ceremonial Uniform


Ceremonial Unit

The Ceremonial Unit was formed in 1995 to represent the Pennsylvania State Police at designated functions such as funeral, graduation excercises, promotions, parades and dedications.

The Ceremonial uniform, introduced in 1997, draws on many of the sharp features of by-gone State Police uniforms, such as boots, breeches, with blouse and Sam Browne belt.

The darker uniform, campaign hat and patch are trimmed in silver to accentuate the unit's solemn status.  Name plates are not worn on this uniform. 
Silver hat emblem, buttons, and collar ornaments display the Pennsylvania state coat of arms.
Uniform accessories include a silver aiguillette braided shoulder cord, hat band with tassels and white cotton gloves.
The Ceremonial Unit uniform patch is black and silver; worn 1997 to present.