Pennsylvania State Police


Summer Uniform

The first uniform short- sleeved shirt was issued in 1968; This is the only time that both a short and long sleeve summer shirt were issued in addition to the winter long sleeve shirt. This shirt would be replaced in 1970.

The straw campaign hat with the large state coat of arms worn the front center of hat.

The gun's holster belt was placed through the trouser 's belt hoops and the handcuffs and case
was positioned on the opposite side of the holster.
The above uniform patch ; issued from 1960 to 1987.

Uniform shields used on the enlisted member's blouse in in the early-1960s, would become obsolete on January 1st 1965.

The uniform tie bar was first introduced when the pre-knotted clip on  tie was adopted in 1968. The bars were replaced by tie clasps in 1975.