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President Roosevelt
In 1905, the Great Anthracite Coal Strike threatened public safety in Pennsylvania. An organized force was needed to provide the service of protecting our citizens; hence the creation of the Department of State Police, the first organization of it's kind in the country and one after which many other police agencies were modeled.
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  Types of Contributions...     

Pledges: The majority of commitments are made as pledges that can be paid over as many as five years. Pledges are preferable to HEMC because they permit contributors to consider larger commitments and allow the donor to best manage their giving. 

Gift of Securities: Gifts of appreciated securities or other marketable assets are welcome. A gift of appreciated securities either publicly traded or from a private company, may provide significant tax advantages when compared to gifts of cash. The donor may deduct the current "fair market value" of the donated securities as a charitable gift and be exempt from the capital gains tax on the appreciation. Unless by other arrangement, marketable assets will be liquidated to provide the most immediate benefits of your gift.

Gift of Real Estate: Gifts of real estate or other property may be acceptable, and are subject to final acceptance by the HEMC board. All costs of appraisal or valuation are at the donors expense.

Gifts of  Life Insurance: When the HEMC is named as sole and irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the market value (usually the cash surrender value) of the policy is deductible as a charitable gift.

Estate Gifts: Gift by bequest may be accepted as well as Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts.
Please consult with your financial adviser to determine the maximum tax benefits to you.


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