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President Roosevelt
In 1905, the Great Anthracite Coal Strike threatened public safety in Pennsylvania. An organized force was needed to provide the service of protecting our citizens; hence the creation of the Department of State Police, the first organization of it's kind in the country and one after which many other police agencies were modeled.
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  Our Mission Statement    

The mission of the Pennsylvania State Police Historical, Educational and Memorial Center is to:                                                                    

Collect, preserve, and exhibit significant artifacts and focal
points appropriate to the history of the Department

Serve as an educational facility highlighting the diverse functions of the Department from its inception in 1905 to the present day, and provide opportunities for education
Serve as a memorial to honor all State Police members past and present, particularly those brave Troopers who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our citizens and upholding the law and proud traditions of the Department
In all its activities, exhibits, and programs, special emphasis will be placed on the rich history, culture, and heritage of the Pennsylvania State Police


The facility will house a significant collection of artifacts representing the 100 year history of the Pennsylvania State Police and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Long-term preservation, protection, and display of these items will highlight the outstanding history, tradition, and accomplishments of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The museum will have a memorial library of official records, reports, and other documents, and extensive photographic records, which will serve as an invaluable research center for those studying the Pennsylvania State Police.

In addition, the facility may aid in administering job fairs for the recruitment of qualified candidates for civilian and enlisted positions in the Pennsylvania State Police that reflect the diverse culture, gender, and ethnic backgrounds of the citizens of the Commonwealth.  There will be information provided on the diversity in law enforcement career opportunities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

There will be space for an educational, training and research center with state-of-the-art classrooms for special programs and lectures.  It will provide a platform to teach and interpret highly technical and complex forensics and police sciences to law enforcement agencies and the public.

Group tours and field trips will be held for elementary and middle school children. Hands on exhibits and interactive displays will focus toward teaching safety and high morals to youth.  Audio and Video recordings of police activities will allow children and visitors to experience police operations.

The museum will provide guidance to assist community members that are interested in developing and participating in crime prevention programs. The Center will provide opportunities for fostering understanding between the citizens of the Commonwealth and their state police agency.

A Remembrance Wall and memorial garden dedicated to those who gave their lives in the line of duty, and a Wall of
Honor will be prominent features of the Center.   

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