State Employee Combined Appeal

The State Employee Combines Appeal (SECA) is the commonwealth's annual combined charitable giving campaign for employees. Employees have the opportunity to donate to any of 100's of participating non-profit agencies. The valuable services these agencies provide range from conserving our natural resources to providing assistance to the elderly, finding a cure for cancer, or providing shelter for a needy family — in Pennsylvania, across the nation or around the world.

The annual campaign, which runs from September through October, gives employees the opportunity to donate by signing up for a payroll deduction, or contributing via credit card, check, cash or money order.

Managment Directive 530.23 established SECA as the only charitable campaign allowed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in its statewide offices.

The Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act

Solicitation - Any direct or indirect request for a contribution on the representation that such contribution will be used in whole or in part for a charitable purpose, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

(1) Any oral request that is made in person, by telephone, radio or television or other advertising or communication media.

(2) Any written or otherwise recorded or published request that is mailed, sent, delivered, circulated, distributed, posted in a public place or advertised or communicated by press, telegraph, television or any other media.

(3) Any sale of, offer or attempt to sell any advertisement, advertising space, sponsorship, book, card, chance, coupon, device, food, magazine, merchandise, newspaper, subscription, ticket or other service or tangible good, thing or item of value.

(4) Any announcement requesting the public to attend an appeal, assemblage, athletic or competitive event, carnival, circus, concert, contest, dance, entertainment, exhibition, exposition, game, lecture, meal, party, show, social gathering or other performance or event of any kind.

PSP-HEMC SECA contribution code: 4401-0037