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I couldn't let another winter go by and possibly loose the car to a crusher or time so I transported it back to California for a 4 to almost 5 year full restoration.
I never really wanted to do a  marked car before as those seemed far fetched to even have, although I have saved a few unmarked ones over the years, namely box Caprices. Nonetheless everything just came together for this car as I obtained a real door shield as well as an actual Whelen 5000 light. After I started on the car, I even obtained a real plate!

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Types of Contributions

Types of Contributions

The Pennsylvania State Police Historical, Educational and Memorial Center is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.   Any vehicle, parts or supplies that are contributed to the Center for a vehicle restoration would of course be tax deductible.

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The Restoration of a 1983 Chevy Malibu (Part-2)
Pennsylvania State Police Patrol Vehicle

Believe it or not I have so many original pieces still in the car looking brand new such as the full interior is all ORIGINAL: the seats, fabric, dash, door pieces, even the rubber floor! It also has the orig engine and tranny so numbers are matching for your museum!

Furthermore it runs great! (a side note, it still had 2 original Goodyear GT tires on it when I pulled it from the yard so it wasn't used very much before a minor accident forced it into the depths of this yard from 1990-2004!!)


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