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Artifacts and  Memorabilia Collection

Many people have indicated a desire to view the impressive and growing collection of historically important Pennsylvania State Police historical artifacts and documents.

We receive new items for the Center every couple of weeks. but, due to limited space, in our Mini-Museum, we can only showcase  a small amount.

That’s why it continues to be critical to get this Museum and Educational Center built and open to the public. 

We have thousands of artifacts, memorabilia and historical records safely stored in a secure area, awaiting a permanent home at the Center.

This page provides you with only a small glimpse of how some our Pennsylvania State Police collections will be displayed.

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Wall of Honor Dedication

On October 20, 2018, the Pennsylvania State Police Museum (PSP-HEMC) Held a ceremony officially dedicating the granite Wall of Honor.

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Current Exhibits:

Cadet Training Cadet Training
The State Police Academy continues to produce the most well-trained Troopers in the world.
The Ultimate Sacrifice
A memorial tribute to a Pennsylvania State Trooper
killed in the line of duty.

Pres. Theodore Roosevelt
Learn about, President Theodore Roosevelt's visit  to the Wyoming Barracks in 1910.
PA State Police Rodeo
The last of the "rodeo" (which began in 1921) was on August 1974. Artifacts now on display.
INTERACTIVE       More like this
PA State Highway Patrol
This exhibit provides some of the rarest historical documents and artifacts of the State Highway Patrol.

Multi-Media Display
View computer generated PA State Police historical information and images.

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More to Explore
Thompson Submachine Gun Thompson Submachine Gun
The Thompson achieved most of its early notoriety in the hands of Prohibition and Depression-era gangsters.
Interact with this exhibit in
the world of Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics.
Finger Prints
Fingerprints are a positive means of identification. No two persons have the same fingerprints. Visit exhibit and learn more.
General Exhibits
Core Values
UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT       More like this
Women in the PA State Police
In 1972, the first class of 14 females graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.
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Learning Blocks
Measuring Up
Quoting Lumb

Uniform Exhibit

1962 Harley Motorcycle
This 1962 Harley Davidson FLH Duo-Glide Motorcycle, now on display, rode in President John F. Kennedy's inaugural motorcade.
Patrol Vehicles
A Restored 1972 Plymouth Fury once used by PA State Troopers during patrol is now on exhibit.