Pennsylvania State Police Female Trooper Uniform 1973-1977

Trooper Lucinda Hammond, c. 1975
In 1972, Commissioner Rocco P. Urella opened the ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police to female Troopers.Romaine Engle was the first to apply for a position and on July 7, 1972, the first class of 14 women graduated from the Academy.
The first female troopers who graduated in 1972 were issued similar uniforms to their enlisted counterparts with some notable exceptions: the summer uniform included a knee-length gray skirt instead of summer weight trousers, black strip tie fastened by a snap rather than the conventional tie, gray hosiery, black pumps, black handbag with strap, and 2” .38 caliber weapon without Sam Browne shoulder strap.

Early in 1973, the campaign hats issued to female troopers were replaced with narrow brim straw hats for summer and narrow brim cloth hats for winter. Oxford-type black tie shoes replaced the black pumps and the 2” Colts were replaced with the .38 caliber 6” Colts with Sam Browne belt and strap.
Within a short period of time, the gray skirts would be replaced with summer trousers and by 1975 the conventional tie would replace the black strip tie with snap. Interestingly, the trousers did not have any rear pockets as compared to the male’s trousers.

In February 1977, the campaign hat would be reinstated as the official head gear for female troopers and by the late-1980’s the Department issued female handbag would be discontinued.

Trooper Lucinda Hammond, c.1972

This uniform consists of items donated by Trooper Lucinda Hammond-Hawkins and loaned items from the
Pennsylvania State Police.