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President Roosevelt
In 1902, the Great Anthracite Coal Strike threatened public safety in Pennsylvania. An organized force was needed to provide the service of protecting our citizens; hence the creation of the Department of State Police, the first organization of it's kind in the country and one after which many other police agencies were modeled.
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As a way to raise funds to finance the construction of the Historical, Educational, and Memorial Center, personalized polished granite bricks are being offered for a minimum donation of $200. Your name and enlistment or employment date will be permanently etched into the brick, and the brick will be used in the construction of the Center.


Bricks may only be purchased by or for active or retired employees
of the Pennsylvania State Police. Only the names of past or present employees of the Pennsylvania State Police may be placed on the bricks. Each personalized brick requires a minimum donation of $200.00.

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1. Each brick may contain a maximum of 26 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation), and a maximum of two lines per brick; however, "In Memory~ or "In Honor" or "Killed in the Line of Duty" may be entered above the name.
2. Each brick will contain the complete name of ONE individual (including Jr., Sr., Ill, etc.), and their date of enlistment or employment.
3. Bricks will not contain titles, degrees, or ranks.  There will be no exceptions.
4. No one may have their name on more than one brick.
5. Bricks will be randomly placed. Donors may not select or request special placement.
6. Bricks become the property of the Pennsylvania State Police Historical, Educational, and Memorial Center, and will be maintained accordingly.
7. The Center reserves the right to refuse the purchase of a brick.

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