Can you find the 13 Pennsylvania State Constabulary Troopers in this picture?

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Synopsis: Drama/Crime  Corporal Jack Black known as Trooper 44 of the Pennsylvania Mounted State Police is in love with Ruth Morland the daughter of a member of the Sanford outlaw gang. Following the robbery of the Coal Corp. Bank in which the watchman is slain. Jack finds clues that implicate Ruth and is compelled to place the girl under arrest. Barney one of the members of the Sanford gang turns states evidence. The Trooper and Corporal Rescue Ruth. George Soule Spencer played Trooper 44 and June Day played Ruth Moreland. Capt. Lynn Adams who served as a Superintendent and also as the Commissioner of the Motor Police, played a part in the movie as himself. Directed by Roy Gahris.
Historical footnote: This photograph is from a motion picture called "Trooper 44" that was produced about the Pennsylvania State Police by EIS Picture Corporation in 1917.