The largest manhunt in U.S. history of that time

Terry R. Anderson
(Slain FBI Agent)

The Pennsylvania State Police assisted by FBI
Agents conducted the largest manhunt in US. History.
In May, 1966, 17 year old Peggy Ann Bradnick was abducted near Shade Gap, Pennsylvania. For 8 days, this story was national news. William Hollenbaugh a mountain man had kidnapped a young girl in Central Pennsylvania and was hiding out in the heavilly wooded hills. William Hollenbaugh, armed with a rifle, dragging a young girl toward a farm house not far from the main road ... was shot and the mountain was man dead!
On May 17, 1966, Special
Agent was shot and killed
while searching for the
kidnap victim in rugged
mountain terrain near
Shade Gap, Pennsylvania.
SA Anderson was shot and
killed while he and another
Agent were pursuing the
fugitive. The victim was
rescued and Hollenbaugh
was killed.
FBI Hall of Honor
William Hollenbaugh

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