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History: The Springfield Trapdoor Cartridge Carbine was produced for the military in 1873, and held the more powerful .45-70 cartridge. With their new 1873 Trapdoor Carbines. Custer and the 7th Calvalry rode off to the Battle of the Little Big Horn and into the pages of History.
John Groome
To obtain 220 carbines and 10,000 rounds of ammunition for his Force, Pennsylvania State Constabulary Superintendent Groome wrote to the Chief of Ordnance February 20, 1906.
The Secretary of War on February 26, 1906 authorized this sale.
Constabulary with Carbine



The Winner of the Rifle Raffle!
Bill Regan, H.E.M.C. President, presents Thomas Memmi with the PSP- Replica Springfield Trapdoor Cartrige Carbine Rifle. Mr. Memmi won the the Rifle Raffle.
Thomas Memmi... Congratulations! 
The case was not included with the weapon. However, it can be purchased from:
Martin Custom Furniture and Cabinetry, Lebanon, PA | Phone: 717-865-4182
The rifle raffle drawing was held on Thursday, February 18th at the HEMC
monthly board meeting.

Golden engraving on barrel and stock displays the 110th Anniversary Logo

Blue Steel, Case Hardened Breechblock Proceeds benefit the State Police Museum, a 501 c(3) organization.