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Leading the Way Since 1905

President Roosevelt
In 1902, the Great Anthracite Coal Strike threatened public safety in Pennsylvania. An organized force was needed to provide the service of protecting our citizens; hence in 1905, the Department of State Police was created. It was the first organization of it's kind in the country and one after which many other police agencies were modeled.

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   Board of Directors

Board President
Robert Einsel,
PSP, Retired

1st V.P.
Michael Chaplin,
PSP, Retired
2nd V.P.
Edward A. Catalone,
PSP, Retired
Ernest Spittler,
PSP, Retired
 Human Resources
Edward A. Catalone,
Hoffman Fordland

Robert Gerken,
PSP, Retired

Christopher J. Cook, Esquire,
Lightman, Welby & Stoltenberg
Major Adam Kisthart,
PSP, Retired

Captain Ed Fraser,
PSP, Retired

Cpl. Thomas Taylor,

Cpl. Robert Gerken,

Dean Hooper,
Excellence, Inc.
Marshall Eward,
Ret. Lt. Col. (US Army)

David Bowser,
Bowser Construction

Tpr. Michael Chaplin,
PSP, Retired
Chaplin Aviation Management, Inc
Capt. Anthony Sivo,
Tpr. Lucinda Hawkins,
Major William White

Honorary Board Members

Thomas Coury, Retired PSP

James J. Manganell
Thomas Memmi Hon. Judge Lawrence Clark, Jr.
Tom Carr, Retired PSP William Drake, Erie Insurance
Amy Rosenberry Curt Zimmerman
James Duratz, Retired PSP Earl Hoffman, Fordland
Dave Brubaker James Sprecher

Office Staff

Kristin Einsel - Operations

Jody Lamparter - Asst.Office Manager



Thomas Memmi
Mary Bungo
Rodger Davidson Homer Hawley
Marian Adams Jane First
Homer Hawley Susan Fleming
Bambi Deimler Robert Swartwood
Dennis McGee

Last Updated:  12/8/2017

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